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Loman Ross, owner of Loman's Fine Custom Cabinetry, has been passionate about art since he was a child. Upon completion of his formal art training in 1972, Loman began his career as a freelance commercial artist in Nova Scotia. As a one-time major center for wooden shipbuilding, Nova Scotia has maintained a tradition of woodworking excellence. It was here that Loman met local artisans, whose trade had been handed down through the generations. He studied their work and fell in love with the simple yet exquisite handcrafted detail, the unique character and beauty of each piece of wood and the strength and functionality of well-executed wood-to-wood joinery. Entering the field of residential construction in 1982 he found the opportunity to pursue his passion for art and woodworking by specializing in period/historical reconstruction and restoration.

While engaged as the general contractor on an extensive period restoration in Wellesley, Massachusetts, Loman received the uncommon request to personally design and build the custom cabinetry onsite. The homeowners had developed a great deal of confidence in Loman and felt that this was the most appropriate approach given the projectís very unique requirements and their high expectations. Loman designed and fabricated the traditional beaded face frame/inset door cabinetry and numerous pieces of custom furniture onsite, complete with exact period detail and construction methodology. The homeowners were ecstatic with the outcome and custom cabinetry became a primary focus of Lomanís life.

For the next decade of Loman's career he worked exclusively on furniture and cabinetry that would be integrated into very upscale restorations of historically significant properites. While today's work is more varied, Loman's high standards for the products produced by Loman's Fine Custom Cabinetry remain unchanged. Loman's customers will always benefit from his remarkable background as an artist, a craftsman, a historical restoration general contractor and his success as a participant over his cabinet-making career in many exceptional and demanding projects. Homeowners, builders, architects, and designers when working with Loman can always be certain of great service, an imaginative and creative approach, current and period design knowledge and the finest craftsmanship.

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